Help for android's application Share_money_with

Help for the main screen

Picture of the Main View     The main View is used to control the project and add the account. An account is linked to a physical entity that is going to share expenses with you, or that you are going to lend money. You can also create in a project a single account for you to keep track of you expenses.
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Add an account view

add account picture     Add an account for one entity that is going to participate with the expenses. The Emails and phone numbers are used by you to inform the people about the current state. You can add a guy from the contact list of your phone using the menus. 

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See details of the account and manage it

View Account    From this view you can deal with the account of a person and add expenses, lends... 

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Let the app do the work and enjoy the result

Calculation view    Send E-mails or SMS to inform your friends if needed.

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Add a person from your phone contact list...

Option Menu     Your can also delete the list of suggested name from when you are adding an account (delete list of names).

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List of functionnality

Edit Menu    Add directly an expense...

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